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Why Isn't My Business Facebook Page Working?

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Lipsticked Pig Syndrome

Few things confound a business owner faster than their company’s Facebook page...  

“Does my Facebook page have enough Likes?” 
“Does it need more Comments?” 
“Are these the right people following us? “

And then, inevitably…

“Oh wait.  Wow!  We sure have some pretty pictures…”

Herein lies a basic misstep for many company pages on Facebook:  Businesses get caught-up in (and indeed, obsessed with), the actual posts themselves, i.e. the pictures, the links and the videos, and not the data behind them.

We Geeks call this the “Lipsticked Pig Syndrome” and here’s why.

Any decent redneck will tell you, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.”  The same is true of a Facebook page for business.  Now don’t get us wrong.  We don’t think Facebook is a pig.  We LOVE Facebook! But just like a pig in lipstick, it’s easy to forget what you’re dealing with underneath all that distraction.

A business needs to remember that its Facebook page is and always should be-- data driven.  Don’t get caught up in the lipstick, focus on the data behind the pretty! When a business gets caught-up in images and videos on its page, employee reaction (or non-reaction), visible on-page Facebook Engagement etc.-- it loses sight of the overarching corporate goals as related to social media initiatives.

Don’t get us Geeks wrong.  Every client of ours has a right at any time to ask about anything we’ve posted on their behalf.  But when a company spends more time looking at and asking questions about the image than it does about the “Why?” behind the image, we know we have some ‘splaining to do.  The “WHY?” matters.  The content is just lipstick.

If a business lets itself get distracted by the posts themselves, it’ll not only forget it’s a business Facebook page (and focus on fun), it’ll forget exactly why those specific pictures, links and videos were selected and what the goal is behind each and every one of them. 

Is your business doing this on Facebook? Have you been distracted from your greater business objective(s) by the allure of great content that may not be following your data? If you have, put the lipstick away, and start slicing up the data behind it. It’s full of bacon...goooood bacon.