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Trent Livingston

CEO, Founding Partner

Mr. Livingston is the founder of Geekly Group, LLC, and is an adjunct professor for Golden Gate University. At any given moment he may be pondering a myriad of complex algorithms attempting to unwrap the mysteries of the universe. However, most of his time is spent helping clients manage the complexities of computer programming, web development & design, and digital media optimization.

Mr. Livingston has extensive experience with technology implementation, programming and technical program management. He advises businesses and organizations surrounding web 2.0 implementation, data warehousing, systems automation and software development. Mr. Livingston is an accomplished speaker, blogger, and has lectured at technology conferences in Washington, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. His technical musings have been published in multiple blogs and specialized trade journals. He possesses over fourteen years of hands-on technology experience and computer programming expertise.

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