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Wondering what is new for Facebook these days? Well, here you go! First, let’s start with the controls. What are all the new(ish) ways Facebook has provided you for sorting Company Pages’ News and Status Updates from your Facebook Friends in 2013? What exactly does each one do and why? Which ones are useful to you and which ones are probably only there to help Facebook?

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16 Aug, 2013

There is so much more to deciding whether or not your company needs to be on Instagram. One thing we would suggest, don’t tackle it unless you’re committed to it. As with any social media endeavor, once started, the worst thing a brand can do is poorly execute on it.

business tools
19 Jul, 2013

Being business web and social media consultants, when we get asked this question (and we get asked this question a lot), it’s almost always in the context of a business no longer knowing who manages its LinkedIn page in the first place! More often than not, the employee who first set-up the company’s business page on LinkedIn, is long gone.

better search results

Recognizing that more people are using their mobile devices to search for goods and services, our team helps companies harness this mobile traffic. Leveraging such things as responsive design, long-tail keywords and other engagement strategies, the ROI is huge, but it can be a tough sell-- unless you have the data to back it up.