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Wondering what is new for Facebook these days? Well, here you go! First, let’s start with the controls. What are all the new(ish) ways Facebook has provided you for sorting Company Pages’ News and Status Updates from your Facebook Friends in 2013? What exactly does each one do and why? Which ones are useful to you and which ones are probably only there to help Facebook?

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Your website and social media channels hold a goldmine of information. Make sure you’re looking at the right data and that your business objectives are clearly detailed.

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15 Mar, 2013

Well, we started this article with 7 signs, but wouldn't you know it, we've added one more! Companies hire social media professionals for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons tends to be a general oversight of all things social. Here are the latest blunders we've found.

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You've likely seen the latest rash of Facebook posts that give you 10 seconds to spell a nonsensical word that a 1st grader could figure out. These posts are nothing more than bogus ways to game Facebook's Edgerank algorithm. If your social media agency is doing this, you may want to rethink your market strategy for Facebook (and your agency).

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Social Media grants wizardly power to all with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger. You may reign with the wrath of the Dark Lord Sauron on all that oppose you! Admit it. We all somewhat enjoy the power we have over our social kingdoms!

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17 Feb, 2013

We’ll start by saying we geeks aren’t a social media agency, but we have skin in this game. Why? We provide digital media managed services, or in other words, we are digital geeks that act directly on a business’ behalf. Therefore, we must be on top of our geekly game at all times. These are some of the things we see going wrong in Social Media. Don’t say we didn’t warn you...

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01 Jan, 2013

Nothing. Unless you're a big Danish bank AND your traditional marketing agency used professional models to stage provocative pictures (used in television commercials) when your publically stated goal was: ...to restore trust in the Bank and ensure that we live up to our new vision of being "Recognised as the most trusted financial partner."

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So why do we so-called social media experts “eat our young” (e.g., beat-up on each other so often) if we’re so fantasticablulous? Well, because we’re not. Fantastic or fabulous that is. How can anybody be an expert in something this new that changes every 24 hours? It’s impossible.

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As Facebook Engagement in the News Feed started to see dramatic increases and users began interacting less and less on each other’s Walls, the impact all these changes had on Facebook pages for businesses was becoming absolutely agonizing. 

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19 Oct, 2012

The real method to ensuring that you’re seeing everyone’s posts in the news feed is, of course, clicking the arrow to the right of “most recent” at the top of the news feed, then “edit options,” then select “all your friends and pages”


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